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SP&D was formed in October 1990 with the clear objective to be a quality supplier of dispensing products to satisfy and enhance locally produced consumer products.

Recognised now as a major supplier to the packaging industry in Australia and New Zealand, we offer assistance with development of new packaging. We specialise in lotion pump dispensers, trigger sprayers, finger pumps and closures, plus a selection of other unique packaging and measuring items.

Originally importing from quality brand companies in the USA, Italy, France, U.K, and Germany, over years, we have progressively shifted to China, Taiwan, Vietnam , and whilst we continue our expansion with a wide range of unique products developed for the Australian and International market, we can also achieve lower competitive pricing.

We have developed our range around Australian and International products. Particularly with fine mist and trigger sprayers, Lotion and liquid bulk pumps and dispensers, where we have developed unique products with specific benefits for the consumer.

Frequent visitations and close liaison with selected key Chinese and Asian manufacturing plants, ensure high levels of quality and performance is maintained with our products. This also provides us the opportunity to participate in ongoing development of new products and remain awareness of industry and market trends. We have many products matched to a particular formula or application as directed by our customers.

Now as a member of the PPG packaging group, we are able to assist with total package supply, ensuring total package integrity, fit and performance. Whilst still maintaining the independence to supply other distributors and major Fillers and brand owners.

Apart from actively developing new products, our position in the market is to work hand in hand with Product Managers and marketing personnel in the development and procurement of packaging and devices for their upcoming new products.

Our experience and strong contact with leaders of overseas manufacturing facilities, guarantees our function of providing quality products, efficiently and competitively reliably ahead of other importers and providers.

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